Advancing scandium production globally

The Burra Project seeks to produce a substantial, high-grade scandium oxide resource. It has the potential to establish itself as a leading scandium operation within Australia.

This project adds on to Rio Tinto’s existing scandium production operation located in Quebec, where a sustainable refining process was developed at Element North 21.

Together, the Quebec and the Australian operations enhance Rio Tinto’s position as an emerging global supplier of the growing scandium market.

Sustainable mining

The proposed mine will be a small, shallow, open-cut operation with a minimum footprint, and no tailings dam, blasting or extensive water use.

The small operational footprint, and small volumes of ore, will allow us the option to set up a full electric operation with renewables.

Truck movements to-and-from the site each day will be in the single figures, ensuring minimal impact on local traffic and road safety.

We will work alongside the local community to develop a progressive rehabilitation and closure plan, focused on agriculture and native vegetation.

What are the next steps?

As we progress the project, we will continue to work collaboratively with our neighbours, the Wiradjuri People, the First Nations peoples of the central west and western slopes and plains region of NSW, and the local community to undertake heritage assessments, develop technical and environmental studies, and secure necessary permits and approvals.

Our objective is to improve and refine the project to reach our goal of a strong emerging scandium business whilst meeting the highest possible environmental and social standards and maximizing local and regional benefits.

We look forward to sharing updates as we move forward with the project.

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