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What is scandium?

Stamped with atomic number 21 on the periodic table and considered the lightest of the useful transition metals, scandium is a soft and silvery metallic element that is considered a critical mineral by leading global governments and industries. It is relatively common in the Earth’s crust where it tends to be highly dispersed.

Today, most of the global supply of scandium is obtained as a by-product of mineral refining processes, like the sustainable one recently mastered at the Technology & Critical Minerals Centre and the Element North 21 plant.

Scandium oxide is used in the production of reliable solid oxide fuel cells for buildings and other infrastructure. When alloyed with aluminium, scandium can also significantly increase the strength of aluminium and provides a wide range of desirable properties for many manufacturing purposes. Moreover, scandium alloys are fully recyclable and won’t pollute recycle streams if combined with other alloys.

~50 MPa
Higher performance alloy
Scandium provides manufacturers with more leeway, allowing them to redefine and push the limits of their design and production processes.
Source: Dorin, T et al., 2018, Fundamentals of Aluminium Metallurgy, Elsevier Ltd., p. 443.

It’s time to bring our alloys to a whole new level. When you add as little as 0.1% of scandium to aluminium through a microalloying process, it increases its yield strength by up to 50 MPa, providing you in turn with a higher performance alloy with limited impact on thermal and electrical conductivity.

Keeping the grain structure intact
Adding scandium to aluminium alloys allows manufacturers to turn up the heat in the factory while avoiding distortions during the forming process
Source: Zakharov, Effect of scandium on the structure and properties of aluminum alloys, Met. Sci. Heat Treat. 45 (7–8) (2003) 246–253.

Scandium is an efficient resource to help avoid recrystallization in alloys when exposed temporally to temperatures reaching close to 600 degrees Celsius.

Al + Sc
All it takes is a touch
Maintained conductivity capacity and lower operational impacts: that’s the power scandium provides for today’s manufactures and engineers

Scandium is an element that can improve your aluminium alloys on all fronts, going so far as surpassing the properties of traditional alloys thanks in part to its higher thermal stability and mechanical properties.


Whether you’re fabricating next generation’s ski equipment or trying to engineer the latest innovative airframes for today’s aircrafts, we’re here to facilitate your alloy manufacturing process by providing you with scandium in a format and size that best meets your needs.


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Upcycled scandium lost to process waste.
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