Sustainably manufacturing sports equipment using aluminium-scandium

Developing new and innovative materials for recreational activities with the help of scandium.

Light & Strong

From skis to baseball bats and bicycle frames, adding scandium to your aluminium-alloy components allows you to enhance the strength of your manufactured sporting equipment, thus reducing their weight.

It’s time to play with scandium!

Inspired by the latest advancements in high performance alloy uses in aerospace applications, the sports and leisure industry has recently started to use/experiment with high technology light metals microalloyed with scandium to manufacture their products.

Scandium is the critical mineral that will help propel various sporting industries to their next important phase with very little impact to the environment. In fact, contrary to other types of materials, aluminium-scandium alloys are recyclable.

For the ski industry, which has maintained a status quo for over 40 years, scandium is proving to be the essential spark it needed to sustainably manufacture the next generation’s high-performing, lightweight equipment. Thanks to the ingenuity of new ski manufactures, skiers now have access to more versatile equipment made for different mountain conditions.

In the end, all it takes to increase the strength and versatility of an aluminium bicycle frame, baseball bat or skis, without impacting its lightness, is a very small amount of scandium.


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Upcycled scandium lost to process waste
Increases the mechanical properties for a variety of sporting equipment
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