Upcycling process waste for scandium production

From waste to critical mineral. This is how RTFT became North America’s premier producer of high purity scandium oxide.

Mastering the art of extracting and producing a rare earth element

Through persistent industriousness and steely determination, we’ve managed at RTFT to devise and hone a unique extraction and production technique that allows us to recover an exceptionally beneficial rare earth element: scandium.

Our sustainable proprietary process, which uses spent acid collected from our titanium slag production in Quebec, has pushed the production of scandium oxide and aluminium alloys to a whole new level.

As scandium specialists, we’ve succeeded in our mission to provide a high-purity critical element that allows for aluminium alloys of high performance with increased lightness and strength, ensuring in turn the next evolution for multiple business sectors and our global economy.

This is the process

Sustainably extracting maximum value and performance from spent acids

Mineral processing of titanium ore

Starting off at our enrichment plant, where our titanium is produced, we begin the scandium extraction/production process by first grinding and upgrading ilmenite (titanium-iron oxide) ore collected from the Havre-Saint-Pierre mine to remove some impurities prior to being sent to the smelter.


above the competition with an accessible and reliable supply of scandium.

Upcycled scandium lost to process waste.
Maximizing existing extraction process (no extra mining required nor additional processing).
Producing 99.99% purity scandium oxide.