Aluminium-scandium in heat exchanger manufacturing processes

Aluminium-scandium alloys: the key to maximizing performance in heat exchangers.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

Manufacturing industrial heat exchangers using aluminium-scandium alloys potentially requires less force during the extrusion process and produces a unit with a superior thermal exchange capacity.

Maximize heat with the help of scandium

Scandium addition has proven to provide a series of positive effects when it comes to the aluminium alloys used in the heat exchanger manufacturing industry. Not only does it help increase the unit’s mechanical properties, but it potentially ensures a more efficient transfer of heat.

With aluminium-scandium, you’re manufacturing tubes that are resistant to recrystallization and microstructure growth which occurs during the brazing process (short exposure of up to 600⁰C), which cannot be done with traditional aluminium alloys.

Superior thermal conductivity, increased mechanical resistance allowing you to reduce the size of the tubes and the weight of the unit, and greater burst pressure resistance to help you avoid costly production line defects; aluminium-scandium is the key element to stand out from the competition.


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Upcycled scandium lost to process waste
Increases the conductivity properties of the heat exchanger
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