A sustainable and reliable supply of scandium to propel global innovation

Securing access to high-quality scandium produced in North America for the entire world

North America's first producer of scandium at your service

At Rio Tinto, our goal is to demonstrate our ability to produce and supply scandium for different types of applications, sectors, and industries.

A new key player enters the stage

In these changing times, Rio Tinto is a welcome breath of fresh air for leading industries and businesses looking to tap into the power of scandium. Through our sustainable refining process, recently mastered at our Element North 21 plant and Technology and Critical Minerals Centre located in Quebec, we remain more committed than ever to produce pure oxide scandium with minimal impact to the environment. Furthermore, thanks to our close partnership with Rio Tinto Aluminium (RTA) and our aluminium experts, we’ll be able to offer a distinctive, high-quality aluminium-scandium alloy.

Securing the supply chain

Currently in the early stages of development, the Element North 21 plant has the capacity to produce 3 tons of scandium oxide annually, which represents about 20% of the global supply.

A well-defined traceability

Sourcing scandium from RTFT provides access to the silvery-white metallic substance with a clear traceability link, as dictated by our mining and production standards, protocols and environmental criteria.