Aluminium-scandium alloys for aerospace engineering and manufacturing

A small addition of scandium is all it takes to propel the aerospace industry into a new gear.

Improved Weldability

Adding a small percentage of scandium to an aircraft’s aluminium-alloy components is proven to reduce sensitivity to hot cracking during the welding process. Indeed, due to its high recrystallization temperature, the aluminium alloys maintain their properties.

Let’s fly to the next level

At Rio Tinto, we’re committed to producing the scandium that will help the aerospace industry reach its next evolution. Through a microalloying process, scandium can help increase the strength and the weldability of an aluminium airframe while generating significant fuel savings for airline operators. Aluminium-scandium alloys have the potential to lower direct manufacturing costs and maximize manufacturing and repair capacity.

By supplying a sustainable and reliable source of scandium, which is both extracted and produced in North America, Rio Tinto is inspiring today’s aerospace firms, manufactures and engineers to test out aluminium-scandium alloys and make it their metal of choice.


above the competition with North America’s most accessible and reliable source of high purity scandium.

Upcycled scandium lost to process waste
Increases the mechanical properties of an aircraft
Produced by North America's leading producer