High purity scandium for high temperature 3D applications

Enhancing additive manufacturing technology through the power of scandium.

Rare-Shape Making

When it comes to producing unusual and complex aluminium shapes/parts through 3D printing, aluminium-scandium alloys allow you to create a variety of geometric forms (including hollow spaces and honeycombs) that maintain microstructural stability while minimizing post-processing steps.

Printing metals with enhanced mechanical performance

As more businesses look to reproduce spare metal parts and shapes with enhanced mechanical properties, 3D alloy printing technology has recently seen a steady increase in development. With the introduction of aluminium-scandium alloys to the additive manufacturing process, 3D metal printing enters a new and exciting phase.

With aluminium-scandium powders, you can produce replacement parts that would offer higher mechanical properties for the same geometry.

As a result, you are 3D printing higher-grade alloys at a rapid pace using a cost-efficient production process that involves less waste material.

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Upcycled scandium lost to process waste
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Increases the mechanical properties of 3D printed alloys